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Resuming Masses in a New Way

June 13, 2020

The lead article on the Diocese of San Diego website today features an interesting photo with the superimposed title "Public Masses Resuming." In the photo a woman and a man open wide the door to a church. They are likely smiling but it's hard to tell as they both wear face coverings.

In our Diocese of San Jose, church doors are not yet wide open to welcome worshippers. All they can do is come to celebrate the Eucharist outdoors as long as the assembly is limited to 25 persons, including the presider and a few ministers: one cantor, one usher. In order to minimize infection risks, the priest now plays multiple roles in the liturgy: sacristan, presider, lector, altar server, communion minister, cantor, etc.

Our Ascension Reopening Task Force has been working hard to help our parish prepared and ready to resume pubic liturgies, in-person ministries, office operations. Aside from plans for sanitizing supplies and equipment, they also prepare to train ministers on how to maintain safety measures and at the same time the sacredness and integrity of the liturgies. Another important preparation for the resumption of public liturgies is to help parishioners sign up for Mass. These things would have been unimaginable just three months ago, before the Shelter in Place order.

As the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ is celebrated this Sunday, it is sad that we are still watching the Mass on a computer or phone and have no chance to receive the Body and Blood of Christ with our brothers and sisters. Hopefully this unfortunate experience help us to renew our longing for the Eucharist and for the bond among brothers and sisters in the same community of believers.

Once the preparations and measures are in place, we will schedule Masses and invite you to register and to come. We will once again taste the goodness of the Lord.

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