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From Ascension Parish Finance Council

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

May 30, 2020

As mentioned in Ascension's Holy Week mailing, our Parish reached an agreement with a Bay Area company, allowing them to utilize our parking lot for a monthly fee.

The company recently informed us that their employees will begin using the church parking lot in early June.

Employees of this company will park their cars in the center section of our parking lot as well as the row of spaces closest to Prospect Avenue in our primary parking lot, and then they will catch a bus from the local public bus stop to their place of business.

The parking lot will only be used during the workweek. The use of the parking lot will not interfere with holy days for Ascension or our neighbors next door at Congregation Beth David.

Initially, this additional income will be used to cover our existing budget deficit. In the future, when donations return to normal levels and the standard budget is covered, then the Finance Council will responsibly allocate this income towards projects that are much needed around the parish. These projects will be prioritized by the Building and Grounds Committee, discussed with the Finance Council, and ultimately decided by the pastor as to whether the budget will allow for such fulfillment.

The Finance Council asks that everyone continue with contributions to the Sunday collections, which will provide the freedom and ability for the income raised from the use of the parking lot to be first directed toward replenishing any budget deficit, followed by tackling much-needed projects around the Parish.

Thank you for your continued support.

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