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welcome, NewComerS!

Thank you for your interest in the Church of the Ascension, with members mostly from Saratoga, and also from Cupertino and West San Jose.  Several have been living in this area for many decades, even from the inception of the Parish, in what was once known as the "Prune Basket of America."

We are a small but close-knit parish, striving to "respond to Jesus' call and joyfully accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Roman Catholic Tradition" (Parish Mission Statement) (*)

Whether you are new to Saratoga and the surrounding area, or a visitor, or you simply want to know about our community, we invite you to come and pray with us (when our church is open again after the Shelter in Place).  Meantime, please join our live-streamed Mass every Sunday at 9:00 am (click here).

If you want to become a Catholic Christian, give us a call at 408-725-3939.  Check this page (click here) to see what it means to become a Catholic Christian.

We hope you will be able to visit us soon, get to know us, and we get to know you.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

For our parish history, check this page
For our parish mission, visit the home page


We the members of the Church of Ascension respond to Jesus' call and joyfully accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the Roman Catholic Church Tradition.
We promote Christ's teaching of love, peace, justice, and service to others by word, example, and charitable works in order to bring about a higher level of Christian morality and help each other grow in faith.


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