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Our church has been re-opened since June 14. Our sacred space has been prepared and ready to welcome you back! Its doors are open, the ceiling fans draw air upwards to help dilute contaminated air, if any.

Starting June 16, no registration is required for Mass, as the infection risk in our county is very low, and the vaccination rate is high.

We just wear masks, maintain distancing and sanitize hands until further notice. We maintain these protocols to help protect our children who cannot receive the vaccine and our parishioners who are immuno-compromised and their families.

In addition, singing by the assembly will be permitted indoors and outdoors, ministers will be able to remove their masks to lead prayer and proclaim the word indoors and outdoors.

The Diocese will continue to evaluate our protocols and is hopeful that we will further loosen restrictions in August.

It's more than about going back to a building. It's about going home, going back to a community. It's about re-encountering the Lord and the community. It's about spiritual renewal.

Check the new Mass Schedule on top of our website.

Call and invite a fellow parishioner, or a friend, to join us.

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