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Our Church of the Ascension is excited to celebrate our 60th Anniversary year!

We begin on Ascension Sunday, 2023 and end on Ascension Sunday, 2024.

To have the best celebrations possible, we hope to involve all parishioners.

We are planning several different events, beginning with a reception on Ascension Sunday, May 21, following our 11:00 am Confirmation Mass that day with Bishop Cantú (*). We look forward to a parish picnic in September and an anniversary dinner in 2024 to bring our Jubilee year to a close. There may be other activities during the year, if you let us know how you'd like to celebrate.

The key factor in making our anniversary year special is you. With more people participating in planning and staffing these events, this truly becomes a church community coming together. Prayerfully consider how you can contribute with the talents God gave you. Together, we will make this a very special year.

When you decide to become involved, please contact Fr. Hao, Doris Atkinson, Peggy Schoppe (contact information here) or call the church office (408-725-3939) and let us know how you would like to participate. Activities include planning, event setup, decorations, food preparation, greeting, serving, and cleanup.

Working together will be fun and strengthen our parish as we look forward to our next 60 years!

(*) Please take note that the 9:00 am Mass on May 21 will be cancelled due to the preparation for the 11:00 am Special Mass that day, celebrating Confirmation, our Ascension feast day, and our 60th Jubilee Year.

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