Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Saints are human like us, experiencing joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, happiness and suffering. They strived to grow in faith, to be faithful to the Lord, to love and to serve others. Saints are not perfect or superhuman, but they are our heroes, and can teach us what it means to be a Christian in good days and bad.

Starting from August 7, EWTN will offer a series on six saints as follows.


(all times Pacific Daylight Time)

Vianney Speaks

A dramatic recreation of St.Vianney

August 7 at 5pm

Dominic, Light of the Church

A dramatic portrait of the founder of the Dominicans

August 8 at 5pm

Edith Stein, the Seventh Chamber

An artistic portrayal of her heroic life

August 15 at 5pm

Footprints in the Wilderness

Fr. Breault traces footsteps of French missionaries

August 17-20 at 2:30pm

St. Rose of Lima

An original EWTN movie follows the her story

August 22 at 5pm

Saint Don Bosco, Part 1

An uplifting biography

August 29 at 5pm

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