The first Sunday of October is observed as Respect Life Sunday, marking the Respect Life Month. We are called to cherish and protect life from conception to its natural end.

This year, Respect Life Month is closely connected with the celebration of the Year of Saint Joseph. We can find in Saint Joseph an intercessor, a support and a guide in times of trouble. Joseph shows us how to say “yes” to life, despite our fears and frailties. He was the true ‘miracle’ by which God saves the child, Jesus, and his mother” (Patris Corde, 5).

For more information, visit the USCCB page on Respect Life.


During this month of October, we are encouraged to pray the Rosary, to reflect on our Blessed Mother's life as Mother and also the first and faithful Disciple of our Lord. We'll recite a Hail Mary at every Mass, and we pray the Rosary at home.

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