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- The Cross on the rooftop of Ascension Church was recently toppled. Strong gusts knocked down the 8-foot-tall hollow metal Cross with a rotten wood base. Nobody was injured and the roof was not damaged. We are discerning the optimal way to restore the Cross, secure the base, and address the intermittent leaks at the skylight underneath.

- We just improved lighting at the image of Saint Joseph and the Holy Child near the sanctuary and the Stations of the Cross in the back of the church.

- The video live-stream project is in progress. It will allow us to stream liturgies and special celebrations, especially during the Jubilee marking the parish's 60th year, with a simple, easy-to-use, but expandable system.

- The Worner Hall sound system will be upgraded to meet the needs during the parish Jubilee events and cater to different groups using this facility.

*If you want to donate to help defray the costs of these projects, please let Fr. Hao know

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