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November 10, 2022

We were disappointed to receive the news that Proposition 1 passed. However, we should take note of important gains through our efforts and, of course, God’s grace.

Proposition 1 alters our state constitution to allow for unregulated, late-term abortions, all at taxpayer expense, redirecting state funding away from solutions to support California families in need. Meanwhile, Proposition 1 does not solve any of the underlying personal challenges that most women cite as reasons for choosing abortion—intimate partner violence, housing insecurity, inadequate access to healthcare, insufficient paid leave, childcare opportunities, or having no one in their lives able to accompany them through pregnancy and parenting.

While we were not successful in defeating Proposition 1, we did move the dial in creating an electorate in California more open to life. Since the beginning of the campaign, the percentage of Californians identifying as pro-life rose by almost 10%, while those identifying as pro-choice dropped by seven percentage points, from 62% to 55%.

What’s next, we might ask? We renew our commitment to accompany women and families in need with greater resolve than ever. We must step forward with open arms and effective resources to empower pregnant and parenting women in their most difficult moments with life-affirming resources and support.

We will continue our efforts to build a culture of life, in which all families receive the support they need, and the dignity of each person is respected.

I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to all our parishes, schools, ministries, and apostolic movements for their efforts to speak against Proposition 1 and urge a ‘No’ vote.

With prayers and gratitude, I remain,


Bishop Oscar Cantú

Diocese of San José

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