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How you can donate and help OUR Church


WeShare Automated Giving

* Online Registration
or Log-in:
 Click here

If this is your first visit to the site, simply click on any giving opportunity and begin donating, making a payment. An account will be created and you will receive an email with temporary login information providing a 24-hour temporary password.

* Or call/click at
800-950-9952 (LPi company)

then select #3 for WeShare

What are the benefits to you?

You do not have to worry about mailing in your envelope or bringing it to Sunday Mass. No more last-minute checks to write every week, or worrying about catching-up missed donations. You will receive the same year-end annual report from Ascension for your tax records.

What about Holidays? What about Special Collections?

If you wish, you can specify your giving level for these when you join WeShare, or anytime thereafter.

But I like having an envelope to give each Sunday

Special donation slips are available from the parish office that you can drop in the collection basket. Or just use your envelope and write "WeShare" on the back.  If you still prefer giving through envelopes, please call our office at 408-725-3939.

I want to try it. How do I enroll in WeShare?

It is easy to sign up. Please view two "WeShare" boxes on top of this page to enroll online or by phone.

If you have any questions, call Susan Dunn at the Ascension parish office at (408) 725-3939. 

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