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Parish Membership
How do you become a member of our Church of the Ascension?

Residency - The primary way is if you are Catholic and live within the boundaries of the parish, you are a member by residency. The parish territory is in northern Saratoga (95070) and part of West San Jose (95129) (Details here).

Registration - The second way is to complete a parish registration form if you live outside our boundaries, even in any city or town or unincorporated part within the Diocese of San Jose or Santa Clara County. Your registration provides an official record of your membership and is useful for participation in parish programs and also diocesan services (Catholic school, etc.). Parish members are expected to join in community worship on a regular basis, to make a commitment of time and treasure to the parish, and to engage in works of service in the larger community when possible.

You may download the Registration form from this page, then mail or drop the completed form to the Parish Office at 12033 Miller Ave, Saratoga, CA 95070. You may also attach it to your email to (the form should be scanned - not photographed).

If you have any questions, please call our Parish office at 408-725-3939 or email us at the above-mentioned email address.
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