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1)  People who are at high risk for serious infection, those who have been exposed to COVID-19, or who are ill with a fever or a persistent cough, should not attend Mass or any church gatherings. The obligation to attend Sunday mass continues to be suspended and parishes will continue to offer live-streamed Masses for those who unable to attend Masses.

2) Physical distancing: Please be aware of those around you and allow a 6-foot distance between you and others when you participate in the Eucharistic celebration, and also in the parking lots.  You are asked not to greet others with an embrace or shake hands with


3) Face coverings or masks are to be worn as you leave your car and approach the church, except for those under seven years old. Masks should remain on throughout Mass, except when you receive Holy Communion.


4) Please bring your own chair to the outdoor Mass.  Place your chair at designated spots. Please ensure that young children stay with your family at all times.


5) Please refrain from holding hands, shaking hands, embracing each other, throughout the Mass.


6) No collection baskets will be passed from person to person during Mass. Collection baskets will be available as you enter or leave the church to place your offering. You are encouraged to enroll in our parish’s electronic giving program (Click here).


7) Prior to receiving the Eucharist, you should sanitize your own hands as your row is invited to join the Communion line.  


8) When you approach the priest/minister for Communion, extend your hands out, palm flat, to maintain as much distance as possible but close enough for the priest/minister to place the consecrated host in your hand.  Then move 6-feet to the side. With your free hand, move your face mask, consume the host, replace your face mask, and return to your
seat.  Holy Communion is not to be received on the tongue or by someone
who is wearing gloves.

9) We encourage you to use the restroom before coming to Mass. If you need to go to the restrooms, please follow the direction of the ushers and any signage with instructions for maintaining safe physical distances as well as hygiene and sanitation measures.


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