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Rich Catholic Resources

FORMED, an online platform, has over 4,000 Catholic titles available at no cost to you (paid for by Ascension).  Material includes studies, ebooks, movies, audiobooks, cartoons, audio dramas, documentaries, and reflections.  You can browse by topic/genre or search for specifics.

FORMED is available through your web browser, Android, Apple, Roku, and Apple TV.  You can even download content to your phone or tablet for access offline.

How to access FORMED?

To gain access to all of FORMED’s content, follow these simple steps: 
-Go to
-Then enter in the box our Parish’s zip code
-Then enter your name and your email address.
-Then get the FORMED App in your app store.  
(Or you can get the Formed App first, then sign up for FORMED.  Either way, you need our parish zip code 95070)

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