JOIN OUR drive-IN mass 
        AT 5:00 p.m. SATURDAYS

-No registration or reservation is required.

-Bring with you a face covering, hand sanitizer.

-Location:  Front parking lot on Prospect Road

-Enter through any entrance that's not blocked.

-Please follow directions from our volunteers.

-Keep one empty space between your vehicle and others.

-If you step out of your vehicle, please wear a mask.

-Listen to the readings, prayers, etc. through FM 87.9.

-During the Communion rite, flash hazard lights 

if you would like to receive the consecrated host.

-Before opening the vehicle window for Communion,
wear a mask and sanitize your hands, and extend a flat palm.

-Then turn off hazard lights.

-After Mass, please drive slowly, following our volunteers directions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We are looking forward to seeing you then.


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